Мародеры / The Marauders (1955W-DVD96)

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Описание: One of the more refreshingly different «B» westerns of the 50s. Instead of the usual set up: western town, hero with a past, dubious locals, saloon girl with the heart of gold, we get a bleak, low budget affair with a great over-the-top performance by Dan Duryea as a psychotic frontier bookkeeper. Yes, bookkeeper. But he becomes one of the more memorable villains of the genre. Keenan Wynn gives an equally bizarre but effective performance as Hook, you can take a guess why he’s called that. Jeff Richards is a squatter defending his right to develop a piece of land. The cabin is set with its back to a mountain which makes for a claustrophobic setting that is used creatively. Creative is the key word as there are innovative action scenes throughout including Richards, a stranded mother and annoying child, building a medieval looking bomb tosser. This is a fun, fun movie and its unique story, colorful bad guys and noirish feel made it a must see for the western fan.

Год выпуска: 1955
Страна: CША
Продолжительность: 78 мин.
Режиссер: Джералд Майер
В ролях: Дэн Дюреа, Джефф Ричардс, Кинен Уинн, Джарма Льюис, Джон Хадсон, Гарри Шэннон, Дэвид Касдей, Джеймс Андерсон, Ричард Лупино, Питер Мамакос и др.
Перевод: одноголосый

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