Паническое бегство / Stampede (1949W-DVD96)

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Описание: The plot revolves around two brothers: Mike McCall (Rod Cameron), and Tim McCall (Don Castle). The brothers own a large ranch in Arizona and sell some of their surplus grazing land to some settlers. When the settlers arrive they find the land bone dry because the McCall brothers have dammed the river and control all the water. Settler John Dawson (Steve Clark) and his daughter Connie Dawson (Gale Storm) complain to the local sheriff (Johnny Mack Brown) but the sheriff claims there is nothing he can do. A love interest develops between Tim McCall and Connie Dawson, while simultaneously the settlers try to dynamite the dam and stampede the McCall cattle.

Страна: CША
Продолжительность: 77 мин.
Режиссер: Lesley Selander
В ролях: Rod Cameron, Gale Storm, Johnny Mack Brown, Don Castle, Donald Curtis, John Miljan, Jonathan Hale и др.
Перевод: одноголосый

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